21 truths

I quickly jotted down 21 truths about God that morning that I knew to be true and that I was thankful for. None of them were things He had given me in the physical stuff sense but all of them were a reason for my hope (eg. that He loves me. Whoa. Crazy true truth). I wrote them to remind myself that the belief I have in the Lord is my only source of strength, that He is worth my time, that trusting in Him means giving Him moments like these. It didn't take long but my affections for Him were stirred.

Prior to having reminded myself of who God's character? I was distracted, tired, uncertain and forgetful. After? I was encouraged and strengthened and ready to live loved by the One who loves best.

Have you invited Him into your day today? If yes, yay, if no, okay let's chat. If I were sitting face to face with you I would ask you "why" to every answer you gave me until we got to a root issue. Is it because you don't believe you need to? Is it because you feel too far gone? Is it because you jut don't want to talk to Him? Why? Friend, why? Get to those issues. Get a babysitter, grab a friend who loves the Lord, and ask the questions that will give you freedom this year.

No more waiting to feel truth again. It's time for freedom in Christ to be your anthem. Get after that freedom. I promise it's already yours if you are in Christ Jesus.

An earlier version first appeared here.