Singleness and the Gospel

A few months back, I received an email from Rachel of Our Yellow Door asking me to be a part of a series on singleness. Specifically on singleness that honours God.

I felt grateful to be asked and quickly said yes. Yet took a billion years to write the piece because being single and honouring God in my singleness is difficult.

I finally wrote it earlier this week after many attempts previously. The piece came out yesterday and I'm genuinely excited to share about it!

My goal in writing was to be really honest about where I am currently and what the Gospel says. I'm tired of being told to trust in God because then I'll get a husband, or to be content. That's not helpful. What is helpful is for me to speak the Gospel over myself and apply it. It's helpful for me to have spaces where I can be vulnerable and admit that I'm not doing a good job at living out trust. It's helpful for me to know that Jesus sympathizes with my weaknesses and loves me always.

Here's a quick snippet:

Here’s the greatest truth for my flimsy heart: Christ died on a cross, conquered the power of sin and death, rose again, and offers life to all who call upon His name.

He didn’t overcome so I could be happily married. He overcame so I could repent of my sin and bow at His feet and live my life in complete surrender to Him, loving Him before all things and loving my neighbour well.

God’s purpose for my life is so much better than a hand to hold.

Be sure to pop over to the site and read the rest! And let me know what you think as well because I'd sure love to learn better ways to apply the Gospel to my everyday life.