I Shall Not Want

I sat in my parent's church on Sunday, the one I grew up in. 

The sermon was on Psalm 23 and while I paid attention to the whole thing, one line has been rumbling in my heart since. 

I shall not want. 


The reason one is able not to want is based on who is caring for them. For the Christian, that is Christ. Therefore there is no reason to want.  

I would like to learn how not to want.  

Most of the truths that I've ever wanted to get stuck in my heart have finally gotten stuck when I've dedicated time to just consider them, to meditate, to speak them over and over.  

Not only that, but to sit before The Lord and ask Him "teach me how".  

Lord, teach me how to learn not to want. Remind me that You are enough (because You are), that You are always near (because You are) and that I have no need to want (because the Good Shephard always cares for His sheep).  

At one point the pastor mentioned how the sheep doesn't look at his flock and think about how dumb they are, on how they're all idiots.  

No, He knows them. He knows how they work and think and act and even feel so He cares for them.  

The Lord cares for everyone. He truly does.  

Because that is true, my new prayer that I hope to remember to pray each day is: 

I shall not want.  

I also recognize that I have lots of wants. Lots of lists that I state before God that I think He should fill. This and that and those and these. 

I do not think this prayer is an easy one to live. But I think it is possible because I'm walking in grace,  not condemnation. 

So when I forget, I'm not moping. I'm repenting and joyfully walking forward.  

I think that the longer I pray it - the longer it is a truth in my heart - the more joy I will have.